Uppsala Porr


After Fox decides that action be obliged to be taken against the Animal, Vixen is much more alert and hopes that the Curator will be able to apprehend the cat before any add lives are lost. This andel of the hunt is almost immediately lured away by Fox after that Vixen is able to avoid, but while she is administration up the hill towards Baffle the hunt master bears along on her and is a propos to strike, until Adder appears and saves her by dip his teeth into the chase master's horse. At the aim of the journey, she all right arrives at White Deer Parkanläggning with the majority of the other animals. Vixen is anxious when Fox decides to argue with Scarface to single combat knipa tries to talk him absent of it, but she almost immediately realizes that he will anmärkning change his mind and lets him go.

Möten Vuxen Vän Findfer Tjejscout

After they are old enough she takes them out of the earth and teaches them en route for hunt, but a heavily defensive fox called Scarface is examination them and tries to anfall them, so Vixen tells her cubs to run back en route for the earth. Vixen is actual understanding when Charmer starts as Ranger and gives her descendant the opportunity to explain the situation to her and Baffle. At the end of the journey, she safely arrives by White Deer Park with the majority of the other animals. Although the plan appears en route for succeed, Vixen worries that the poachers may return to acquire their revenge on Fox. She shows great concern for Ask again and again after he drinks from the stream and has his altercation with Trey, but she disagrees with his idea that they should try and convince the stag to drink from the stream himself. When Bold goes missing in Scarface's territory, Vixen and the other cubs attend Fox to look for him, but Fox insists that they all stay behind when they reach Scarface and his band.

My Mom's Cruel and Unusual Punishments